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Revitalight InstrumentLight has long been known to have health benefits. Revitalight® is a state-of-the-art instrument that uses LED pulse light to stimulate and regenerate skin cells and promote healing using specific light frequencies.

Lasers are well know for their ability to produce specific single light frequencies. But Lasers’ harmful side effects are also well known. Their high power-density and focused energy generate heat that damages sensitive skin tissue — it's the primary mechanism of the laser which evokes a healing response in the skin. There is significant recovery time, and sometimes there is scarring associated with the procedure. Laser equipment is also expensive and bulky, and therefore, so are laser procedures.

Red LED handpieceLEDs, Light Emitting Diodes, are unique in their ability to produce the same specific light frequencies as lasers without damaging tissue. LEDs produce a diffuse and uniform light that penetrates more deeply than laser light, and is easily applied uniformly over the area of treatment. The inherent safety in the design of the Revitalight means that treatments are without pain or discomfort, there is no recovery period or “downtime,” and often the results are immediate. There are many benefits: fine lines, enlarged pores and broken capillaries are reduced; skin is smoother; pigmentation is more even, and skin is thicker and firmer.

The History of Light Therapy
Light therapy dates back to the Greeks, when it was known that exposure to light, or heliotherapy, could be beneficial to health.  Today, we know that one benefit of light exposure is the skin’s production of vitamin D, one of the healing vitamins that is essential to good health. The Greeks may have been observing this effect, though they didn’t know about vitamins. Neither did they know that exposure to some of the sun’s wavelengths, like UV, can be very harmful.

In 1903, a Nobel Prize was awarded to Dr. Niels Finsen, a Danish Physician who demonstrated the beneficial effects of various wavelengths in the treatment of tuberculosis. This same technology has proven to be effective in the fields of dermatology, neurology and physiotherapy.

Forty years of independent research have shown that Light Therapy has powerful therapeutic benefits to living tissue. In the 1960’s in Europe it was noted that certain single wavelengths had excellent therapeutic effect onRevitalight treatment tissues through a process called photo-stimulation. One example is the practice of “light-treating” babies for jaundice, a common condition of newborns.

More recently, cancer researchers have noted that a single red frequency combined with a topical cream kills certain types of skin cancer cells.  Researchers also noted that it stimulated skin tissue to regenerate and improve the appearance of the skin.  Circulation is increased and fibroblastic activity, collagen production and healing are promoted. This effect has produced very positive results in the treatment of rosacea, anti-aging and sun damage.

In space, the weightless environment slows cellular growth, in part because it depends on gravity. NASA research examined the use of light to penetrate deep into tissues and found it stimulated cell growth and promoted healing in zero-G environments.

Revitalight Treatments are gentle, painless, safe and effective.

Today, LED Light Therapy is an FDA-approved cosmetic procedure that is gentle, painless, safe and effective.  Treatments are non-invasive and non-abrasive, yet the red light penetrates deeply into skin tissue. It stimulates gradual healing by increasing blood circulation and lymphatic activity.  Blue LED Light Therapy has proven very effective against more difficult acne cases, and instances where an ongoing acne treatment appears to have stalled. In clinical studies, blue light has been shown to generate singlet oxygen which attacks the bacteria that causes acne. More than 86 percent of study participants experienced a 74% acne reduction!  One factor that inspired us to add the Revitalight System to EBAC’s treatment repertoire was a testimonial by Mark Lees, Ph.D., a well-respected skin care professional.  In evaluating the Revitalight, we spoke personally with Dr. Lees, and he said he repeatedly saw a significant improvement in his clients within the first week of their Revitalight treatment.

Recommended Procedures

Red LED Pulse Light Therapy — For the treatment of Rosacea,
Anti-aging, Hyperpigmentation and Sun Damage
The recommended frequency of red LED light treatments is one 30 minute treatment every 7 to 10 days for 6 weeks. Maintenance treatments are recommended every 30-60 days.
Blue LED Pulse Light Therapy
For the treatment of Acne

Blue light treatment consists of three 20-minute treatments per week for two weeks.  Then the treatments are cut back to two per week for 4 more weeks; Maintenance treatments are recommended every 4 to 6 weeks, depending on client’s UV exposure and lifestyle.

Note that chemical peels and microdermabrasion may be applied before or after LED Light Therapy to complement the treatments. Exfoliation and Revitalight treatment are an excellent combination and can accelerate the desired result.

As with any skin care procedure, clients need to be aware that there are no quick fixes or “miracle cures” with the Revitalight. The Revitalight is not a “face lift.”  Noticeable results are often seen after the first treatment, the long-term effectiveness of this or any skin care treatment is only as good as the client’s adherence to a consistent home care program and lifestyle that are in keeping with the desired results.

LED Light Therapy is Not for Everyone

LED Light Therapy is not for you if you suffer from one of the following conditions:

  • Pregnancy — studies have not sufficiently assessed the risk to pregnant women and their babies, therefore it is not recommended;
  • Epilepsy — certain light frequencies can trigger an epileptic seizure;
  • Thyroid condition — if you suffer from a thyroid condition or are on thyroid medication;
  • If you are photo-allergic, or are taking any medication that causes light sensitivity, such as Tetracycline.


Are you a Skin Care Professional
and would like to add Revitalight to your repertoire?

Click here to contact us for a live demonstration at our clinic
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"I want you to know how pleased we are with our new Revitalight! Even though we have only had the equipment a short time, we are already seeing results!
Mark Lees, Ph.D, M.S., Cidesco Diplomate

"We absolutely love our Revitalight machine.  We have some very happy clients."
Marti Settle, Premiere Laser Center, Denton, TX

“I can’t believe the results, I’m taking before and after pictures and the difference is amazing. I was hesitant at first, but now I am a believer.”
Jeanne of Beauty to Go, Palm Beach Gardens, FL

“Some results were just miraculous.”
Veronica, Long Island, NY of Dr. K. Mark and Kevin Maple Salon

“As a recent purchaser of Revitalight, I am proud to add it to my cosmetic repertoire.”
Dr. Kenneth Mark, East Hampton, NY



also see Before and After Photos;
Frequently Asked Questions

Revitalight is a registered trademark of Skincare Technology, Inc., Chicago, IL


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